With a well balanced family and work life, Denmark has attracted a great number of foreign workers who contribute to the workforce and society of the country. Denmark has been the most active members attracting skilled migrants, offering a positive list of opportunities by the employers of Denmark.

Denmark Green Card scheme

Under the Denmark Green Card scheme, the country allows the skilled workers from non-European Union countries to migrate and work in Denmark. This permit is granted for a period of 3 years, which can further be renewed. The green card scheme offers a wide range of opportunities to immigrants, allowing them to lead a beautiful life.

Educational qualification: The points of educational qualification are issued on the following basis-

  • Holding graduation or Bachelor’s degree, the applicant will get 30 points

  • Holding a one-year Master’s degree along with the Bachelor’s degree, the applicant is given 50 points

  • the applicant holds a Master’s degree, then 60 points are allocated

  • PhD, 80 points are granted

Age: The age must not be more than 40 years. The applicant gets maximum points for age if the age is below 34 years.

  • 10 points in case of age between 34 to 40

  • 15 points in case of age below 34 years

Work experience: The candidate receives points in regard to their work experience as well. The allocation of points in this regard is as follows-

  • 10 points, in case you hold 1-2 years of experience out of the past 5 years in the relevant field

  • 15 points are granted in case you have worked for 3-5 years in the relevant field as listed under the positive list of Denmark

  • 5 points are allocated to you in case you hold work experience of 3-5 years

Language skills: Candidate needs to fulfill the language criteria that require them to clear the Danish Language Test. Further the points are given as follows:

  • 5 points for Level1 (IELTS 3.0)

  • 10 points for Level 2 (IELTS 3.5 to 4.5)

  • 15 points for Level 3 (IELTS 5.0 to 6.0)

  • 20 points for IELTS 6.5 or more, that include study test in Danish or one year study or work experience in Denmark

Further, the aspiring migrant should also fulfill the desired adaptability and financial support criteria in order to get the visa in an easy way. The time period to receive the Green Card for Denmark takes around 12 to 14 months.


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