New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand offers a great room to newcomers, allowing them to live, works and permanently settle in the country. The nation is known for offering numerous paths to foreign nationals granting special characteristics to all those who want to migrate towards New Zealand.

A permanent residency can be gained through three categories:

  • Skilled migrant category

  • Work to residence category

  • Partner/Family category

Skilled migrant category (SMC): The skilled migrant category attracts skilled professionals and persons with technical skills who contribute to the economy of New Zealand. This category is a point based migration program, where the points are granted based upon-

  • Age, that must be between 20 to 55 years

  • Educational qualification

  • Work experience

  • Health and character requirements

  • Proficiency of English language

  • Listed skills under LTSSL

The process under the skilled migrant category involves the following procedure-

  • Submitting the expression of interest (EOI)

  • The EOI pool draw

  • Application invitation

  • Assessment and approval

Work to residence category: Under the work to residence category, the migrant is offered work permit to live and work in New Zealand for 2 years. There are three categories under this program-

  • Talent (Art, culture and sports), wherein the candidate must have record of talent in the desired fields with participation in the events of art, culture and sports in New Zealand.

  • Talent (Accredited employer), where the age of the applicant must be under 55 years. The employer for which the applicant needs to work must be accredited.

  • Long term skill shortage list: Here the persons are taken in the fields where there is high skill shortage. This category can also be availed by candidates who fail to enough scores under the skilled migrant category of New Zealand.

Partner/Family category: A person who is a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand can sponsor his/her family members to migrate towards the country. This can only be possible is the sponsor is their-

  • Spouse/ partner: The one who is either a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand can sponsor his/her spouse or partner to migrate and settle in New Zealand permanently.

  • Dependent child: You can sponsor your dependent child to come and live with you in New Zealand.

  • Parent: You can even sponsor your parents to live with you in New Zealand under this category.

  • Or other eligible relatives.


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