With a highly developed economy and a relatively small population, Norway presents a beautiful lifestyle feature that has been successful in attracting foreign nationals to migrate and settle in this country. Being rich in terms of natural resources and having a feature of mixed economy, Norway reflects a strong immigration picture for aspirants. The country has been highly fascinating in terms of attracting skilled workers who wish to participate towards contribute to the economy of Norway.

The Norway skilled immigration visa in this regard allows the migrants to enter and live in the country for a period of 3 years, further to which they can apply for the permanent residency of Norway.

Skilled Immigration visa types:

The work permit for Norway is the most successful means allowing the aspiring professionals to settle in the country. There are three main visa categories in this regard.

  • Skilled worker Category

  • Skilled job seeker category

  • Self-employed visa category

Categories of skilled workers:

Under the skilled immigration for Norway, following three categories are of skilled workers are included-

University or college education: Here the one who holds a complete educational degree or program (Graduation or master’s) from the university college is considered. Nurses and engineers are the one who comes under this category.

Specialist training: Here the candidate must possess vocational training for the occupation, they are willing to migrate. They must hold a minimum education

corresponding to the upper secondary education level. Plumbers, auxiliary nurses come under this class of skilled workers.

Craft certificate: A craft certificate taken abroad must have resulted in the same level of expertise as a Norwegian craft certificate.

Selection factors:

The selection factors mainly include-age, educational qualification, work experience and the proficiency in English language. Apart from this, the adaptability, health record, character records and proper financial sufficiency are also tested.

Basic requirements:

  • The application fee is required by the candidate

  • Candidate needs to show proper job by a specific employer

  • A full time job proposal

  • Proper qualification as required


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